Manufacturing Facility

Scope:Packing of Disinfection Wet wipes, Personal Hygiene wet wipes, Medical device Clening wipes.

Packing size :10-30 pcs pocket size wipes 15x20cm tissue size, 50-200 pcs flowpacks (200-300mm tissue width), rolls

Facility Size:2600 m2  Close Area ,Production Area : 1450 m2  (In Clean room Conditions )Storage Area : 1000 m2 + 650 m2, Open Area: 2000 m2

Manufacturing Model:Stainless steal machinery , semi-automation, clean room technology, hygienic surfaces

      For workplace safety annual external examination/audit is in process for dust, noise, electric installation, HVAC System, compessors, elevators once a year. Monthly visits/examination is performed by workplace safety consultant and workplace doctors.


Production and system quality is provided with the highest quality standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and GMP  and performed with continuous control and development system.